IT Training Courses

Here at Insight we have been operating since January 1986, primarily in and around the UK, though we have occasionally been lucky enough to have clients further afield.

We provide a range of IT related services which have evolved over the years to meet the changing needs of the companies we are working for and their users.

Nowadays, we still provide standard courses at all levels, both onsite and offsite and at our venue, and we have extended our schedule to include more in-depth sessions which deal with data handling, live linking to database systems and other external files to allow for more comprehensive and automated reporting.

However, our main forte, as it has been for many years, is to provide tailored training courses that prove effective.

Our aim is to deliver to your people, the knowledge and skills necessary to ensure that to use the software is applied to best effect, enabling them to save time cut back on errors, and automate processes in order to make your processes more straightforward.

Our motto is: Effective training that makes a difference.

Our promise to you as a client, you are our priority. We will listen to what you need, help you define any issues you currently have, assess the current level of you and your existing users and provide a needs analysis (if required). We will then tailor your training session after which we will give your users unlimited access to our after training Help Desk - OR we will just provide a training course at the correct level (with Help Desk) if that is what is required.