Insight – Restart Open Course Plans

It would appear they’re more solid indicators of being able to plan around a resumption of our open courses.

Our new venue is Cornerstone Community Centre, 1 Esk Walk, Cumbernauld, Glasgow G67 1BZ.

At present, we are looking at resuming the following course offerings starting 3rd week in May 2021.

The courses to be scheduled will be:

MS Excel Intro
MS Excel User
MS Excel User plus Reporting
MS Access – Building a Database
MS Project
CAD Introduction
CAD Intermediate

We anticipate still to deliver to very small class sizes of 3-4 delegates with appropriate COVID protocols in place in terms of: masking, social distancing and appropriate sanitising solutions available for periodic use.

Please get in touch on 01236 733898 or to register your interest and if you’d like to be on the wait list for any of the above courses.


Excel USer Plus Reporting


The aim of this 2 day session is provide the user with a comprehensive knowledge of the various features and facilities and how to apply them in practical situations.  We are happy to tailor these sessions if onsite, and can use live data for maximum effect.  The student will be led, via a series on in-depth examples on how to make the best use of Excel in their working environment and are invited to bring data with them for consultation.

Have a look at the course specification by clicking on the link : Excel User Plus Reporting.

If you have any questions please call Jen on 01236 721663 or 733898.

If you prefer to email