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Database Options, Custom Database Development Glasgow Scotland

Do you require a company database?

  • Maybe you are working with data which has been spread across several sources with the end result that you are finding reporting time consuming and repetitive
  • Could it be that your database is out of date and just not meeting your current company requirement
  • Or maybe you are working with a series of spreadsheets or even with a paper system, under the illusion that a database has to be very expensive to be effective

So how can we help you?   Well, we can ….

  • build a bespoke system
    Insight - Database Options / Design Solutions
    Insight – Database Design Solutions
  • provide ready built system
  • Or, train you to build your own system

Ready Built

  • HR & Training
  • Stock Control
  • Job Costing
  • Contact Management
  • Leads/Sales Management
  • Fleet Management

………………………… and many more.

Bespoke Systems

At a preliminary meeting, we will guide you step by step through the process of planning a new system beginning with an in-depth needs analysis.   We will lead you towards clarifying exactly the steps necessary to provide you with an easy to use, effective system for your company while planning how to implement existing data into the new system.

We will then look at your “pain areas” and plan how to eradicate them before providing you with a system specification and a competitive quote.   We will then build, test and install.

Hopefully along the way you will have identified an administrative user who will be involved in the processes to the extent that they not only know the system well prior to installation but have become comfortable with it to the extent that they are not only able to run maintenance procedures, but ad-hoc queries and reports as required, saving further development costs.

Remember – it costs nothing to talk to us 01236 873498
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