Office Starter

Office Starter

Microsoft Outlook, Word and Excel


This course is designed for the new user who needs to quickly get to grips with the basics of using Outlook, Word and Excel.   The student will be led via a series of hands on exercises through the steps necessary to create and manage documents, spreadsheets and emails.

The course is suitable for the complete novice or for the person who has “dabbled” with the software but now needs a formal introduction.



The Ribbon / File Tab

Signatures / AutoCorrect

Creating Folders / Sub Folders


Quick Parts / Composing

From / To / Cc  / Bcc

Inserting a Signature

Attaching a File / Attaching an Item

Options  / Replies to / Do not deliver before

Requesting Delivery Receipt/ Delay Delivery


Grow/ Shrink Too / Format Painter



Cut / Copy / Paste / Paste Special


Viewing the Calendar / New Calendar

Day / Week / Month / Schedule View

Time scale / New Meeting / Appointments

Using Go To / Colour / Mark as Private

The Address Book / Contacts

Adding New Contacts / Categorising

Current View / Adding Photos


Creating / Categorising / Changing Colour


New Task / Editing



The Screen /The Ribbon / File Tab / Quick Access Toolbar / Excel Options Menu

Overview of the Spreadsheet / Cell Addresses

Cursor Movement / GoTo / Excel Navigator

Using Format Painter

Selecting Methods

Data Entry / Editing /Text / Numbers

Quick Copy etc

Cut / Copy / Paste

Creating / Importing / Using Customs Lists Formula and Functions


Formatting the Worksheet

Formatting Cells

Numeric / Alignment / Fonts / Borders / Patterns

Working with Comments

Conditional Formatting

File Handling Using Save / Save As

Print Preview /Freezing Panes

Creating a Chart

Chart Types / Selecting the Data

Layout / Colours / Format



The Screen / File Tab / The Ribbon /Quick Access Toolbar

Word Options Menu / Shortcuts

Creating a Document

Entering and Editing Text

Speed Formatting Keys / Selecting Text

Words / Paragraphs / Rows

Character Formatting / Format Painter

Cut / Copy / Paste

Font / Font Sizes / Bold Italic / Underline / Grow, Shrink

Paragraph Formatting / Using the Tabs

Quick Parts / Autocorrect

Working with Symbols


Bullets and Numbering

Printing / Portrait / Landscape

File Save / Save As

Password Protection

Working with Pictures / Watermarks

Pictures / Picture Shapes / Arrange Commands Alignment / Text Wrapping



Special Features and Facilities

The course is devoted to a practical use of the software and is therefore primarily hands-on. An absolute maximum of 1 student per machine will be maintained.   The session is fully documented, and each person attending will have unlimited access to our after training back up service

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