Insight – Restart Open Course Plans

It would appear they’re more solid indicators of being able to plan around a resumption of our open courses.

Our new venue is Cornerstone Community Centre, 1 Esk Walk, Cumbernauld, Glasgow G67 1BZ.

At present, we are looking at resuming the following course offerings starting 3rd week in May 2021.

The courses to be scheduled will be:

MS Excel Intro
MS Excel User
MS Excel User plus Reporting
MS Access – Building a Database
MS Project
CAD Introduction
CAD Intermediate

We anticipate still to deliver to very small class sizes of 3-4 delegates with appropriate COVID protocols in place in terms of: masking, social distancing and appropriate sanitising solutions available for periodic use.

Please get in touch on 01236 873498 or to register your interest and if you’d like to be on the wait list for any of the above courses.


Excel USer Plus Reporting


The aim of this 2 day session is provide the user with a comprehensive knowledge of the various features and facilities and how to apply them in practical situations.  We are happy to tailor these sessions if onsite, and can use live data for maximum effect.  The student will be led, via a series on in-depth examples on how to make the best use of Excel in their working environment and are invited to bring data with them for consultation.

Have a look at the course specification by clicking on the link : Excel User Plus Reporting.

If you have any questions please call Jen on 0788 5755519 or 733898.

If you prefer to email

MS Project Course


Introduction to MS Project

MS Project is a very powerful software program designed to assist project managers in developing and managing their plans.   It is widely used for the management of timescales, allocating resources, tracking progress, managing budgets and for the analysis of workloads.

We have a series of training options available including an introductory one day open course which runs at regular intervals in the Travelodge Conference Centre just outside of Cumbernauld.  

These sessions are demand-driven and the schedule is subject to change as courses are filled and additions are scheduled – check our website on

Topics Covered:

Introduction to Project
Default Settings
Planning your Project
Dates & Milestones
Tasks Summary Tasks & Sub Tasks
Linking Tasks / Constraints
Task Dependency
Observing the Critical Path
Resources and Resource Pool
Saving & Printing
Formatting the Project
Project Views
Working with Baselines
Viewing the Project Statistics
Managing the Project
Project Reports
Questions and Answers

All person attending are given full course documentation and unlimited access to our Help Desk.  Refreshments are provided with lunch in the nearby Milano Italian Restaurant.

Discounts available for multiple bookings.

For more information or full course specifications, or for details of our tailored onsite service, call Jennifer on 01236 833898

Excel for all


Many people are using Excel – a much lesser number are using it to its full potential – in fact a large number of people do not even know what that potential actually is.  

  • Badly designed models
  • Time wasted in duplicating entry
  • Incorrect reporting
  • Unnecessary Repetition of routine tasks
  • Others regularly download data from other systems such as databases to Excel files after which they then rework time and time again. 

So what is the solution?

The first step would be to ensure that management are fully aware of the potential of the software and the benefits it can have in their industry.

The next step is training staff to the required level ….

The third is having used a professional company who not only provide a first class service, but also give users unlimited after training support (via Help Desk) to ensure that the training results in true super users and value for money.

We have several options available to maximise skills sets of users :


Users who are new to the software, those who are self-taught but now wish to know the intricacies of spreadsheet design, short cut and best practice.   This course is also useful for eradicating bad habits and demonstrating the potential of the software.


For the person who has an existing knowledge of the software who now need to take their skills to the next level.   Also includes shortcuts etc   Data Handling


Those who need to maximise the potential of the software, including creating interactive dashboards, live linking to external data sources and automating processes.

Full specifications are available for all courses and can supply pre training assessment as well as if necessary an in-depth analysis of current level of use.

The sessions above can be run onsite at your premises, for which we can supply training machine, cables, or alternatively at our open venue as also detailed.


Our open courses take place at the Travelodge Conference Centre just outside Cumbernauld.  As with all training each person attending will be given full course documentation and unlimited access to our after training Help Desk.   Those attending are invited to bring examples of problematic files, or projects with which they would like some help or advice and our trainer will be happy to oblige.

Refreshments are provided with Lunch in the nearby Milano Italian Restaurant.

For more information, or copies of course specifications, please call Jennifer on 0788 5755519

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