Microsoft Visio Intro

Microsoft Visio Intro Training Course Glasgow

On the Microsoft Visio Intro Training Course you will learn to use the very powerful and useful drawing tools to create flowcharts, organisation charts and other office needs.


The object of this session is to provide the new user with an appreciation of the Visio drawing package, and to familiarise them with the basic features and facilities of the package. Among the things you can use Visio to create are: Flowcharts, Cross Functional Flowcharts, Calendars, Organisation Charts and many more features.   As with all Insight training sessions, the user will be provided with full course documentation and given unlimited access to our after training Help Desk.


Overview of Visio 2010
The File Tab /  File Options
The Ribbon
The Mini Formatting Bar
Drawing Area
Rulers / Grids / Guides
Changing the View
Stencils / Floating / Blank Stencils
Developer Operations / Combine / Union / Fragments
Working with Shapes
The Pointer / Connector / Connection Point
AutoConnect / Ink Tool
Text Blocks / Text
Horizontal / VerticalAdding / Deleting / Drawing & Sizing
Quick Copy / Grow Shrink Tool
Formatting / Fast Format Painter
Copying / Moving / Deleting
Alignment / Auto Align Spacing
Front / Back / Forward / Backward
Line Colour / Fill Colour / Shadow
Rounded Corners Order
Rotating / Flipping / Reversing
Grouping / Ungrouping

Flow Charts / Basic Flowchart / Cross Functional Flowcharts

Organisation Charts

Maps / Floor plans

Themes / Borders and Titles / Backgrounds

Master Drawing Page

Page Orientation / Inserting Pages / Print Preview

Creating New Stencil

Visio Extras

Inserting Pictures / Objects / Clipart / Adding / Deleting

Callout / Containers / Clipart / Annotations / Symbols

Hyperlinks / Hyperlinks to Shapes


 Special Features:

The course is devoted to a practical use of the software and is therefore primarily hands-on. An absolute maximum of 1 student per machine will be maintained.   The session is fully documented, and each person attending will have unlimited access to our after training back up service.


To book this course, please complete our on-line booking form or contact us on 01236 873498 or

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