Microsoft Word Training Users

Microsoft Word Training Users



The object of this session is to provide the Word 2010 user with a more in-depth knowledge of the software and open the possibilities of how it can be applied.  We are happy to tailor these sessions and use live data for maximum effect.  We can also provide a pre training assessment of current users to determine their current level of knowledge


Please note that existing users are invited to bring to the session any files which are or have been problematic and our trainer will be happy to have a look and advise.



Review of the Basics

The Ribbon / The Quick Access Toolbar

The Tabs / Galleries

File Tab / Word Options Menu / Developers Tab

Using HELP

Working with Tables

Table Design / Layout / Format

Sizing / Selecting Cells / Calculations

Style Options / Borders / Shading

Inserting / Split Table / Alignment
Working with Excel through Word

Hyperlinks & Bookmarks

Table of Contents / Indexing

Captions and Cross Reference

Creating Fillin Form Fields

Legacy Tools

Rich Text Content Control / Plain Text Content Control

Picture Content Control / Content Control / Design Mode

Footnotes / Endnotes

Tracking Changes / Show Markup / Accepting / Rejecting



Working with Mail merge

Using the Wizard / Using the Toolbar

Creating the Data File / Mailing Letters / Creating Merge / Using If then Else

Merging Envelopes / Merging Labels

Working with Macros / Creating the Macro / Using Keyboard / Macro Shapes

Working with Pictures / Pictures and Illustrations / Charts

Brightness / Contrast

Picture Styles / Picture Shapes

Arrange / Position / Alignment / Text Wrapping / Rotation

Sizing and Cropping

Clip Art / Smart Art / Smart Shapes

Venues and Delivery:

We offer this course on a regular basis at our training venue at The Travelodge, Cumbernauld- located on the A80 Cumbernauld Road, 10 minutes north of Glasgow, as well as offering in-house or bespoke training for HR departments or companies.

Please visit our IT training course schedule page to find out when our Word User training is running.

For corporate or business IT Training or for more info how Insight provide some of Scotland’s and Europe’s leading companies with in-house IT training, for further information Contact Us and we will get back to you very quickly.


To book this course, please complete our online booking form or contact us on 01236 873498 or

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