Power BI Desktop – Introduction

Power BI Desktop Introduction


The object of this session is to provide the new user with the skill required to prepare, cleanse data and to introduce and familiarise them with the basic features and facilities of Power BI Desktop.


Overview of the Software / What is Power BI
Power BI Desktop
The Startup Screen
The Screen Elements
Ribbons / Field Pane / Navigation /Filters & Visualisation
Data Sources and Preparation
“Getting” your Data
Excel & Database Connections
Creating / Editing / Managing
Linking to External Sources
Adding and Editing Relationships
Combining / Merging Data
Transform / Clean / Shape
Adding & Customising Columns
Calculating Columns
Removing Errors / Columns and Rows
Power Query / Query Editor
Creating / Editing Queries
Data Modelling
Working with Themes
Creating and Sharing Reports
Building a Dashboard
Customising the View

Questions and Answers

Special Features:

The course is devoted to the practical use of the software and is therefore primarily hands-on. An absolute maximum of 1 student per machine will be maintained.   The session is fully documented, and each person attending will have access to our after training back up service

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