Excel Module 1

Excel Module 1                                       


The objective of this session is to provide the new user with a short overview of the capabilities of Excel as well as presenting the knowledge required to begin using the program effectively.    As the session is primarily hands on it will be restricted to one user per computer system and is suitable for both the novice and the person who has dabbled with the software.


Overview of Microsoft Excel
The Screen /The Ribbon / File Tab / Quick Access Toolbar
Excel Options Menu
Screen Tips / Using HELP /Excel Shortcuts
Overview of the Spreadsheet / Cell Addresses
Cursor Movement / GoTo / Excel Navigator
 Selecting Methods
Data Types / Data Entry / Editing
Text / Numbers
Cut / Copy / Paste / Paste Special Functions /Quick Functions etc
Relative / Absolute Cell Addresses
Copying between Sheets / Files
Creating / Importing / Using Customs Lists
= Functions
Formatting Cells / Worksheet
Text / Numeric / Dates etc / Special / Alignment Options / Fonts / Borders / Patterns
Using Conditional Formatting / Using the Format Painter
File Handling
Using Save / Save As – Directories / Drives / File Type.
Print and Print Options
Changing the Set Up / Print Area
Headers and Footers / Page Break Preview / Orientation Print Preview /
Special Features and Facilities:
The course is devoted to a practical use of the software and is therefore primarily hands-on. An absolute maximum of 1 student per machine will be maintained.   The session is fully documented, and each person attending will have access to our Help Desk

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