Insight Course List

AutoCAD 2 days 2 days
Data Handling 1 day 1 day
Excel Dashboard 2 days
Excel User Plus 2 days
Microsoft Access 2 days 2 days
Microsoft Excel  1 day 1 day
Microsoft Outlook ½  day ½  day
Microsoft PowerPoint 1 day
Microsoft Project 1 day 1 day
Microsoft Publisher 1 day
Microsoft Visio 1 day
Microsoft Word  1 day 1 day
Office Starter (Word, Excel and Outlook) 1 day
PC Concepts 1 day
SQL Intro 2 days 2 days
Visual Basic for Access 2 days 2 days
Visual Basic for Excel 2 days 2 days
Visual Basic Introduction 2 days 2 days

Tailored courses are designed in conjunction with yourself to meet your requirements – we are happy to perform a pre training assessment of existing processes, make recommendations and then use live data in order that optimum efficiencies are gained.


With regard to Access, we can not only tailor a session to suit your requirements, we can also offer training designed to assist the user to build a specific system.  Some examples are shown below, and for full details or to discuss with a trainer – call our office..


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