Microsoft Web Expressions


The objective of this session is to provide the new user with an introduction to MS Expressions. The course will be delivered by trainer led exercises with each delegate having their own system and software for the course.

Construction of a Website

What is HTML?
What is CSS?
Understanding File Types

Microsoft Expressions Web Editor

What is This?

Introduction to Panels
Toolbars Overview
Creating a Website

Creating a Blank Page

Getting the Settings Right
Basic HTML Structure
Design View vs. Code View
Adding New Elements
Tag Properties
CSS Properties

Designing Your Page

History of Different Methods
Why use Tables
Why use Divisions
Why use Frames
Putting it All Together


Using an Existing Template
What are ‘Editable Regions’?
Modifying a Template
Modifying Individual Pages
Creating Your Own Template

The User Experience

Making the Site Look Good
Using Images
Using Forms
Other Embedded Media
Combinations of Tags (Nesting)
What are Javascript and jQuery?
Let’s Get This Site Online!
FTP Settings

External Stylesheets

What is a Stylesheet?
Why do I want one?
How do I make one?


Making Sure Everything Works
Why is Debugging Important?
Using the Site Summary
Using the Hyperlink Map
How to pick the Correct ‘Doctype’
Using the Compatibility Checker
Why This is Never Enough
Different Ways to Preview

Search Engine Optimisation

How Exactly do Search Engines Work?
Making Your Site Visible
Using SEO Reports

Making Your Website Interactive

Overview of Website Structure
Client Side vs. Server Side
Introduction to Coding

Questions and Answers

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