WordPress Intro Course

WordPress Intro

Duration 1 day


The aim of this session is to provide the beginner to WordPress so that you may gain the basic background, knowledge, and skills to begin to build a functioning website.


Introduction to WordPress websites
Logging / Admin Bar
Changing views between site and dashboard
Overview of general settings
Permalink settings
Themes |Site appearance Layout
Menus / Widgets
Genesis / Access Panel theme specifics
Understanding plugins and what they can do (basic coverage)

WordPress Pages

Adding a new page | Viewing existing pages
Quick edit mode
Understanding types of pages
Ordering | Menu hierarchy
Full edit mode
Visual vs. Text mode
Working with layouts
Overview of adding media
Understanding search engine optimisation (SEO) | Using Yoast SEO

Media | Images | Forms | Blogs | Posts

Uploading images | Manipulating images to fit (flip, rotate, scale, crop)
Placing images on your page – using the media library
Different kinds of links
Adding a blog post
Inserting an existing form
Creating a new form
Editing an existing form
Adding & Editing fields
Form layout

Security | Performance
Preventing spam
Google Analytics

Practical Session

Users will have an opportunity to create their own pages and link them through a menu. Upload images to the pages and insert customised forms and text. They will then edit each other’s pages, adding duplicates of the media they have already implemented.


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