Insight Training Course List

Insight Training Course List

Our Insight Training Course List, as per below, shows our course coverage is for all versions at most levels – please access some of the standard specifications we have available by clicking on the links below.

Microsoft Office and AutoCAD at all levels, tailoring the sessions to maximise the benefits and pre-assess the users if required. We can deliver on-site courses or offsite to suite your needs. Our offsite venue is The Travelodge, Cumbernauld.

We will also travel the length and breadth of the UK in order to meet the training needs of our clients.

We provide a helpdesk for all candidates attending for post course support. Each attendee is provided with a post-course assessment form to feedback to us and your organisation on your thoughts and evaluation of our service.

If you need delegate certificates we will provide this on request.

We also guarantee our service in that if you are not satisfied with our service we will work to make sure you are.

Sessions (All Versions) Intro User Tailored
AutoCAD 2 days 2 days
Data Handling 1 day
Excel Dashboards 2 days
Microsoft Access 2 days 2 days
Microsoft Excel 1 day 1 day
Microsoft Outlook 1/2 day
Microsoft PowerPoint 1 day 1 day
Microsoft Project 1 day 1 day
Microsoft Publisher 1 day
Microsoft Visio 1 day
Microsoft Word 1 day 1 day
Office Starter (Word, Excel & Outlook) 1 day
PC Concepts 1 day
SQL Intro 2 days
Visual Basic for Access 2 days
Visual Basic for Excel 2 days
Visual Basic Introduction 2 days
WordPress 1 day
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