Microsoft Project Training User

Microsoft Project Training User


1-day course for new users.

Microsoft Office 2010 TrainingObjectives:

The objective is to provide the user with a good understanding of the capabilities of Microsoft Project and the knowledge necessary for them to begin using. As the sessions are primarily hands on it will be restricted to one user per computer system.

Course Topics:

Overview of MS Project

Planning and Developing the Project

The Outline
Planning Tasks
Constraints & Resources
Baseline Plan / Refining the Plan
Glossary of Terms

Creating a Project

Entering Start Date
Summary Information / File Properties
Scheduling from Project Start/End
Assigning a Calendar / Milestones
Tasks & Task Durations
Linking Tasks / Breaking the Links
Setting Task Relationships

Task Dependency

Finish to Start / Start to Start
Finish to Finish / Start to Finish

Tasks & Sub-Tasks

Creating / Editing / Showing / Hiding

Observing the Critical Path

Inserting / Viewing / Editing Notes
Changing the Timescale
Working with Calendars
Creating / Editing a Calendar Changing the Working Times
Using Multiple Calendars
The Project Views
Modifying Relationships
Changing Predecessors
Adding / Editing Constraints

Working with Resources

What are Resources and Groups?
The Resource Sheet
Entering the Resource Information

Linking to Excel

Assigning the Resources
Resource Calenders
Viewing the Statistics

Saving the File

File Names & Locations

Working with Baselines

Baselines / Interim Baselines


Resolving / Fixed Duration Scheduling
Lag Time vs Lead Time

Resourcing Conflicts
Using Levelling

Formatting the Gantt Chart

Fonts, Size, Colour etc
Formatting the Bars
Gridlines etc

Print Preview

Preview Options
Headers & Footers
Using the File Properties
Legend Pages

Exploring Views

Viewing Reports

Standard Reports
Customized Reports

Working with Multiple Projects

Creating a Resource Pool
Sharing Resources
Working with Master Files


Creating and Running a Macro
Visual Basic Code
Creating a Toolbar
Macro Buttons
Macro Menus
Questions & Answers

View the MS Project User specification

Venues and Delivery:

We offer this course on a regular basis at our training venue at The Travelodge, Cumbernauld- located on the A80 Cumbernauld Road, 10 minutes north of Glasgow, as well as offering in-house or bespoke training for HR departments or companies.

Please visit our IT training course schedule page to find out when when our Project (Intro) training is running.


To book this course, please complete our on-line booking form or contact us on 01236 733898 or

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