Microsoft Project Training User

Microsoft Project Training User

Microsoft Office 2010 Training


1-day course for users.


The objective is to provide the user with a comprehensive overview of the capabilities of Microsoft Project and the knowledge necessary for them to improve their skills and continue to develop their user of the software.    It is designed for the person who has been using Project and now need to consolidate their knowledge and move to the next level.


Overview of the Basics
Automatic / Manual Scheduling
Planning and Developing the Project
Baseline Plan / Refining the Plan
Working with Master and Sub Projects
Scheduling from Project Start / End
Creating Summary Tasks & Sub Tasks
Editing Task Dependency / Setting Task Relationships
Float / Slack
Working with Outlines
Observing the Critical Path
Constraint Types

Working with Resources
Creating and linking to a Resource Pool
Shared Resources / Assigning Resources
The Resource Sheet / Work / Material / Cost Types / Calculating and Fixed Costs
Creating Dynamic links to Data Sources
Allocating the Resources / Resolving Overallocations
Resource information Dialog Box
Managing Multiple Costs / Handling Overtime

Introduction to Baselines

Base and Resource Calendars
Creating and Editing / Changing the Work Week / Exceptions
Calendars for Work Groups
Editing the System Defaults

Project Views
The Calendar / Tracking Gantt / Resource Usage / Task Usage
Working with Columns / Column Type
Creating Custom Fields – Lookup / Formula / Graphical Indicators
Formatting Styles
The Reporting Options
Creating a Master Project with Sub Projects
Linking to a Resource Pool
Reporting from the Model

Working with Macros
Creating / The Recorder / Editing the Code
Adding to a Customised Ribbon


Special Features:

A large part of the course is devoted to hands‑on experience of the package and as such the student is led through a series of exercises, therefore we insist on  maintaining a one person per system policy. The session is fully documented and each person attending will have unlimited access to our  after training back up service

To book this course, please complete our on-line booking form or contact us on 01236 873498 or


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